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Better CPAP performance and comfort come with a perfect mask fit. The ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask advances fit design using soft, flexible blue gel to conform to unique facial shapes. A snug fit means a secure seal and no leaks while providing the comfort you need for a good night’s sleep.

The ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask offers enhanced stability and a supportive forehead pillow selector that works together with the iconic blue gel replaceable cushion. They provide outstanding comfort and stability. Sure Seal Technology (SST) produces a membrane-thin film over the gel cushion that closely matches the facial contours of both men and women, allowing more users to quickly reach the relaxed seal they need. You are more likely to get the restful sleep you deserve with the Philips Respironics ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask.

Nose only coverage for an ideal fit

No matter what the shape of your nose or face, the Blue Nasal CPAP mask easily and comfortably flexes to fit your personal facial features. The blue gel doesn’t require any adjustments or special sizing. Simply slip it and enjoy the comfort.

Built to last

The stronger frame design ensures lasting performance for years of CPAP therapy. Lightweight and flexible, the durable frame provides enduring stability and support. While some masks begin to lose their fit over time, the sturdy ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask maintains consistent performance.

Fewer pressure points

Because of the lightweight, pliable blue gel, you experience fewer red marks or pressure point soreness. By minimizing contact, you wake up without wearing side effects from your CPAP mask.

Forehead cushioning and support 

To help improve minimal contact, a forehead cushion offers support and comfort while reducing pressure around the head. Because the blue gel keeps a strong seal, it becomes unnecessary to tighten your headgear, which can lead to discomfort. The combined system of headgear and blue gel creates a system of optimized comfort without compromise.

Reduce noise

By redistributing pressurized air during exhalation, the Blue Nasal CPAP Mask offers quieter operation all night long. Exhaled breath creates the most noise during CPAP. By diffusing that airflow, you and your bed partner can enjoy a much more peaceful sleep.

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