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Can I use insurance?

SleepQuest's online store is for customers who would prefer to pay for CPAP and supplies without using health insurance. 

If you are interested in using health insurance to pay for your supplies, click here to begin the process or visit www.sleepquest.com to learn more.

Are you an existing SleepQuest supply patient using insurance?

If you are an existing SleepQuest supply patient using insurance to pay for your supplies and would like to reorder supplies, click here to be taken to our supply portal.

If you have not registered for the supply portal, click here to request an invitation.

Note: this is only for existing SleepQuest patients. If you are not already a patient of SleepQuest, you can begin the process by clicking here.


For many people with obstructive sleep apnea, CPAP is the best treatment option. It’s the tried-and-true, well-researched, time-tested therapy to help patients overcome sleep apnea.

You’ll need a mask to receive the continuous airflow from CPAP therapy. With the right mask, you can sleep comfortably, night after night.

Today’s technology has given us multiple options in mask types. These FAQs will help you narrow down the options, to find the best mask for you:

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Which mask is the newest/best?

Mask fit is based on facial structure, physiological needs, and comfort. There is no mask that is best for everyone. We recommend a fitting with one of our knowledgeable Sleep Care Specialists to determine what is the best mask for you.

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What masks are compatible with your existing machine?

All brands of masks will fit any CPAP machine; just choose a mask that fits you best. The only exception is the ResMed AirMini, which requires a ResMed mask.

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How do you breathe?

If you’re a nose breather, we advise a Nasal mask -- but have a Full Face Mask as a back-up when you have nasal blockage. If you can’t breathe clearly through your nose, a Full Face Mask is best.

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Which type of material to go for?

CPAP masks will typically have either a gel or silicone cushion, and one brand uses fabric. That’s the benefit of trying several masks, to see what feels most comfortable to you. (Include foam masks - AirTouch)

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What is the Best CPAP Mask For Facial Hair?

Whether you have facial hair or not, finding the most comfortable CPAP mask can be difficult. We recommend a lightweight silicone material which features a under the nose design that minimizes facial contact so beards and mustaches do not pose a problem.

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Our friendly sleep specialists will be happy to narrow down the options for you. Simply schedule an appointment.

If you've got any questions, please contact our very helpful Customer Service staff 

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