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The CPAP Tubing Holder: A Simple Solution for a Restful Night’s Sleep

Sleep apnea is a disorder that leads to fragmented sleep and sleep deprivation if left untreated. 

The most common form of this disorder is obstructive sleep apnea, where the airways become blocked as you sleep. The drop in oxygen levels makes you briefly wake for air, and this can happen over 30 times every hour.

CPAP is a leading treatment for moderate and severe obstructive sleep apnea. It stands for continuous positive airway pressure and uses a device to deliver pressurized air that keeps the airways open while you sleep. 

You will wear a mask connected to an air hose, along with various accessories that can make CPAP more comfortable -- including a CPAP tubing holder.

The CPAP Hose/Tubing

The hose or tubing is an essential element of the CPAP equipment, delivering the pressurized air from the device to your mask. Standard hoses come in various lengths that allow you to select the one best suited for your bedroom environment.

Standard hoses are non-heated, but heated hoses are also available. These can ensure that warmed air from a CPAP humidifier retains its temperature all the way through the hose to the mask. 

Those who travel often and pack a travel CPAP machine may also have mini tubing with their device.

For all its benefits, some people can find CPAP compliance difficult. This can be due to a feeling of claustrophobia from wearing a mask overnight, or trouble adapting to the pressure of the air they are inhaling and exhaling. 

Since CPAP can quickly return you to restful sleep and reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea, it is important to work with your sleep doctor to find solutions to issues that threaten long-term compliance.

One irritation that can arise is the position of the hose while you sleep. Whether it is over or under your body, finding the most suitable position for the hose can pose a problem. This is especially so if you tend to move around and change your position a lot during the night. 

As well as being uncomfortable to sleep on, there is a risk of the hose becoming entangled. Pulling on the hose may also affect the fit of your mask and lead to air leaks.

A Simple Solution

The CPAP hose lift is a simple solution to a problem that could negatively impact on compliance with your obstructive sleep apnea treatment. Sleeping without CPAP for even a single night risks the return of your sleep apnea symptoms and disrupted sleep.

This CPAP tubing holder lifts the hose up and away from your body as you sleep. This helps prevent entanglement of the tubing and the air leaks this can cause from the mask, as well as condensation building up within the hose. 

Rolling over and getting tangled up in the hose also interrupts restful sleep, too.

The CPAP Hose Lift Details

The CPAP hose lift is a lightweight, foldable device with a loop at the top through which the hose is placed so it is lifted above your bed. 

The slim tubes that form the hose lift are made from durable anodized aluminum, fitted together using metal connectors. These connectors allow the device to be easily folded down for storage when necessary and for easy assembly.

The durability of the device comes from the tensioned shock cord running through the aluminum tubes. The device connects to a fiberglass base which is placed under your mattress to provide stability to the hose lift. The base of the most recent models is larger for added stability.

Hose lifts can weigh as little as 6 oz. Combined with how easy they are to fold down and pack away into their travel bag, this makes them highly portable when traveling with CPAP. 

Indeed, the hose lift is compatible with standard CPAP devices and travel CPAP devices.

The latest version of the hose lift continues to add features to aid user convenience. The CPAP hose lift v 5.5 comes with a reversible double-bend mast, a fancy way of saying you can alter the height and span on the device more easily. 

Different bedroom layouts can require slightly different placement of the tubing loop. For instance, you might not require the hose lift to be very high -- but might need a longer span over the bed. The reversible double-bend mast on this latest version allows you to make such adjustments.

The latest version also comes with a neat mask hook. Again, it is a simple idea, but some of the best and most effective ideas are the simple ones. Now you have somewhere to hook your mask when not in use, so it’s away from surfaces where it may get damaged.

An Aid to Restful Sleep

Obstructive sleep apnea left without treatment increases the risk of serious health conditions including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. CPAP helps return you to restful sleep, reducing the risk from such health issues as well as reducing the daytime sleepiness caused by fragmented sleep.

Therefore, a CPAP accessory such as a hose lift helps by making CPAP more comfortable and effective. This encourages compliance with the treatment plan. 

However, it is also worthwhile assessing your bedroom environment and sleep hygiene at the same time to ensure they also encourage sleep. This includes:

  • Keeping to a bedtime routine each day
  • Avoid all screens at least an hour before bed
  • Ensure the bedroom is dark, quiet, and kept at a cool temperature
  • Avoid stimulants like alcohol before bed
  • Try relaxation methods such as meditation or reading before bed
  • Exercise during the day to encourage evening fatigue

The CPAP hose lift is a CPAP tubing holder, whose simple design provides a solution to a real CPAP issue. By lifting the hose above you, the device prevents entanglement which can disrupt sleep and dislodge the attached mask, reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.




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