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Sleep Apnea Therapy Device: CPAP Machine AirSense 11 Review

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy is the gold standard when treating people who suffer from sleep apnea. To get optimal results and have a good nightly rest, you want to make sure your CPAP machine is right for you. 

Today we’ll review the AirSense 11 in detail, so you have all the answers you need before buying this CPAP device.

Let’s start with the key facts. This particular AirSense model was released by ResMed in 2021, which means the device comes equipped with the latest technical developments. ResMed is a renowned provider of healthcare technology that specializes in digital health and cloud-connected devices, which are now used by millions of people all over the world. 

A Wide Range of AirSense 11 Model Features

There are three AirSense 11 models, which differ from each other based on the type of pressure they use. 

The AutoSet model is an auto-adjusting pressure device. Pressure is automatically adjusted on a breath-by-breath basis so you don’t need to fumble with the settings. What’s more, the AutoSet comes with a built-in gender specific algorithm that further personalizes airflow pressure. 

The two remaining models are called CPAP and Elite. They both deliver consistent pressure in line with your doctor’s recommendations.

All three models have an impressive range of features:

  • Test Drive and Mask Fit functions allow you to find the most comfortable fit. 
  • A digital and user-friendly touchscreen that allows you to easily adjust settings.
  • Two types of tubing: SlimLine (non-heated) and ClimateLine, a heated humidifier that prevents condensation, featuring both manual and automatic controls.
  • Wireless capabilities send sleep therapy data directly to your healthcare provider. 
  • Standard and hypoallergenic filters keep dust and allergens out.

Other Special Features

This machine is built to work with myAir. This app is one of its most special features considering how much it can help patients acclimatizing to device use. 

You’ll need to create an account and then you’ll be able to use the app online or via your mobile device. The app gives you useful insights into how your treatment is going, offers personalized tips to make daily use more comfortable, and sends you reminders when your equipment needs cleaning. You’ll also get useful data such as how many hours you slept and how many sleep apnea events you experienced.

This app eliminates a lot of guesswork and is ideal for first-time users, as researchers found that app users sleep one more hour each night during the first three months of therapy.

In addition, this AirSense device also offers automated maintenance and software updates – it’s all done for you remotely!

How to find comfort settings and adjust the pressure on AirSense 11?

Locate the My Options icon on the touchscreen. This will display a new menu from where you can quickly adjust a variety of comfort settings. For example, tap on Humidity Level to increase or decrease the humidifier’s intensity to prevent condensation and avoid getting a dry mouth. 

From My Options, you can make further comfort adjustments by tapping on Ramp Time. This setting starts each session with a low-pressure setting, and gradually increases it once you’re asleep. You set a timer for pressure increase ranging from 5 to 45 minutes after starting. Alternatively, you can set it to Auto and the device will start increasing pressure when it detects you’re asleep.

Also in My Options, you can enable the EPR (Expiratory Pressure relief) function, which automatically reduces pressure when you exhale.

We were also impressed with the Personal Therapy Assistant available via myAir app. If you find it hard to breathe against pressure, this feature has an acclimation tool and tailored coaching tips that can help you breathe more comfortably. 

The Differences in AirSense Models

As we said earlier, there are 3 models available: two are consistent pressure machines, and the other is an auto-adjusting pressure device. But AirSense has other models in the market too, so how does the AirSense 11 compare to earlier ones?

We looked at the AirSense 10, which has virtually the same technical specifications but lacks the personalized features delivered via the myAir patient engagement app. 

Essentially, the latest AirSense device comes with a range of virtual support and assistance features that aren’t available in the previous model. In addition, the AirSense 11 supports remote software updates and Bluetooth connectivity, whereas the AirSense 10 doesn’t. 

What Masks Are Compatible with the AirSense 11?

This device is compatible with 3 different types of masks:

  • Full face masks
  • Nasal masks
  • Nasal pillow masks

To see a detailed list of compatible masks, click here.

How quiet is the ResMed AirSense 11?

Noise levels are one of the most important items in the checklist of people who need a CPAP device. A loud machine will not only disrupt your sleep, but it can also disturb your partner. With a sound level of 27 dBA, this machine is considered an ultra-quiet device.




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