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Finding the Best CPAP Wipes for Your Needs

Obstructive sleep apnea is a chronic condition affecting millions of individuals around the world. The good news is that the use of a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device has been proven to alleviate many of the associated symptoms so that sufferers can finally obtain a sound night of rest. 

However, these devices do require regular basic maintenance to ensure that they continue to function properly. Let's first take a look at the potential risks associated with a dirty CPAP before moving on to discuss some common cleaning tips as well as why choosing the best CPAP wipes is often the most effective strategy.

What Health Hazards Can a Dirty Machine Pose?

A positive airway pressure (PAP) device provides your body with the oxygen that it requires while simultaneously helping to guarantee that your airways do not collapse while asleep. 

It is therefore primarily associated with the respiratory system. This presents a possible issue if components (such as the face masks and humidifier chambers) are not cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Studies have lived dirty CPAP accessories to several threats including:

  • An accumulation of mold, bacteria and fungus.
  • Skin irritation including common contact dermatitis.
  • The exacerbation of chronic conditions such as asthma and COPD.
  • An increased risk of developing upper respiratory tract infections.

We should also point out that improperly maintained units will tend to develop functional problems over time and these may not always be covered by an existing warranty. Users might instead be forced to pay hefty out-of-pocket costs or even to purchase an entirely new machine. We can now see that there are several reasons to perform regular maintenance. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Device and its Accessories?

The answer to this question is at least partially based upon how often the machine is used. Those who employ a CPAP on a nightly basis are normally advised to clean their mask and machine once each week. This will help to prevent an accumulation of any particulate matter so that the health risks highlighted in the prior section can be avoided. 

Furthermore, cleaning the device can help the user spot any potential problems (such as a filter that needs to be replaced). Those who have recently been sick could still choose to clean their PAP more frequently in order to reduce the amount of germs that might be present. 

Homes with pets as well as environments associated with poor air quality may likewise dictate a tighter overall maintenance schedule. 

What About Sanitizing Wipes?

Cleaning PAP device accessories  can be done using standard soap and water, but this might not eliminate all pathogens and particulate matter especially with masks and hoses. It is therefore a good idea to consider PAP wipes. Let's now take a look at some of the best PAP wipes on the market as well as what each has to offer.

Aloe Vera Mask Wipes

These aloe vera mask wipes do not contain any harmful or abrasive chemicals. They are highly absorbent and made from 100 percent pure cotton. While unscented, each wipe has been imbued with aloe vera. This can help to moisturize your hands during the cleaning process. Each pack contains 70 individual wipes.

Travel-Size Wipes

Manufactured by the team at Contour, these mask wipes are yet another popular option. They are made from viscous cotton that has not been impregnated with chemicals such as alcohol. 

These latex-free wipes are likewise a great option for those who happen to suffer from latex-related allergies. Each container offers 72 individual wipes and thanks to a handy pop-open lid, this bundle is a nice option to consider by those who travel on a regular basis. 

They come in citrus and unscented. 

Citrus MaskWipes

Are you looking to enjoy a pleasant odor when cleaning your PAP accessories? If so, these grapefruit and lemon scented wipesoffered by Purdoux could very well provide a breath of fresh air. 70 wipes can be found in each container. Such products can be used to remove dirt and oil from nasal masks, BIPAP masks, nasal cannulas, pillows, and numerous other accessories. 

Better to Adopt a Proactive Approach

Much like maintaining any other product, regular cleaning will help to extend the longevity of your PAP. Not only is this important for the device itself, but masks and hoses are much more susceptible to an accumulation of mold and bacteria if not cared for properly. 

All of the wipes mentioned above have already received rave reviews from prior customers. 

Also, note that some machines and masks may have proprietary cleaning instructions. When in doubt, consult with the official manual or contact our Sleep Care Specialist. He or she will be able to provide you with additional maintenance advice. 


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