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CPAP Dust Cover and Mat: A Review

A CPAP machine is a compact device that will sit on a bedside table. Most machines will contain a heated humidifier that has a water chamber to help warm and moisten the inhaled air. 

A dust cover and an accompanying mat accessory can help reduce noise from vibrations and also protect both the machine and your bedside furniture.

Helpful Accessories

Without treatment, obstructive sleep apnea increases the risk of serious health issues like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. CPAP helps reduce the symptoms of this sleep disorder to enable you to receive better quality sleep free from the frequent nighttime awakenings associated with sleep apnea.

The compact machine that sits next to your bed is key to the treatment’s success. It takes in and filters air from your bedroom before pressurizing the air at a setting determined by a sleep test. The pressurized air is then inhaled through a mask connected to the machine by tubing.

Compliance is crucial for effective treatment. Therefore, any accessories that make the process easier or more comfortable can aid compliance. A CPAP dust cover and mat are two such accessories that deliver useful benefits without the need for an additional prescription to obtain them. 

The dust cover and mat from Purdoux for instance has received five-star reviews. Costing a little over $30, the items provide protective and noise-reducing qualities for your machine.

The Cover

Dust, dirt and other particles will accumulate however hard you try to keep your bedroom environment clean. Your CPAP machine will be set by your bed ready for you when you retire for the night. 

A dust cover protects the machine from dust and dirt particles, helping keep the machine clean. Less dust and dirt on the machine can also mean the air will require less filtering when the machine is switched on.

The cover is made to fit snugly over your machine. The durable dust cover made by Purdoux measures 15” x 10” x 7” and is easy to store when not in use. 

If you are worried that the cover will look out of place on your bedside table, you’ll be pleased by its stylish design. Indeed, the quality and look of the cover and mat have received praise from users.

The Mat

The accompanying silicone mat is also durable and sits nicely under your machine. For reference, the product made by Purdoux measures 15.8” x 11.8”.

As well as looking smart, this accessory offers several useful benefits. These include:

  • anti-slip to prevent the machine from moving
  • prevents scratches or heat marks on your bedside furniture caused by the machine
  • protects your machine from damage when sat on hard surfaces
  • reduces noise caused by vibrations from the machine
  • protects bedside furniture from leaks or spills from the machine’s humidifier
  • BPA-free material for a more environmentally-friendly product

Easy to Clean Too

The materials used in these items are washable. The cover can be cleaned in your washing machine, while the mat is dishwasher safe. Although you may prefer to wash by hand, knowing they are washable adds convenience to the cleaning process when time is short. Such easy-to-clean products help maintain a hygienic sleeping environment for your CPAP therapy. 

Comfort and peace of mind are key ingredients for compliance with the treatment course. While finding the best mask for you might be the most crucial element in adapting to CPAP, accessories that remove those inconveniences that can become major irritants if not addressed are also important.

Users appreciate having a cover that ensures their machine is free of dust and dirt when they come to use it each night. 

The dust cover and mat accessories protect your device and don’t cause annoying vibrations, so you have the peace of mind of a cleaner and quieter sleeping environment for your essential obstructive sleep apnea treatment.



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