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Best CPAP Cleaners In 2022

Continuous Positive Air Pressure therapy (CPAP) is considered the gold standard when treating sleep apnea cases, especially when symptoms are moderate to severe. 

There are a few things you need to know when you start to use a CPAP machine. To increase the chances of success, treatment must be followed consistently, which means using the machine every night. 

With nightly use comes the requirement to keep your CPAP machine clean. In this article we will explain why this is important and which are the best CPAP cleaners in 2022.

Why CPAP equipment must be kept clean 

First of all, using dirty equipment may interfere with the functioning of the CPAP machine and make it less effective.

Secondly, there is a risk that bacteria may build up in the tube and in the water chamber or humidifier, which could cause respiratory problems and even diseases like pneumonia. You can’t stop humidity from building up in these parts of the machine, which is why a cleaning routine is a must. 

Think about this: the water chamber and tubing system connect the mask to the machine, and humidity creates an ideal breeding ground for germs and mold, which can cause allergies, irritation, infection, discomfort, and breathing problems. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the face mask is in daily contact with the face, and over time it absorbs the natural oils in your skin. A dirty mask can cause skin irritation, dermatitis, and rashes. 

Adding to that is the fact that if you catch a respiratory or sinus infection, sleep apnea symptoms may become worse. 

How to keep CPAP equipment clean

To avoid the health problems associated with a dirty CPAP machine, there are two things you should do.

  1. Have a cleaning routine in place

This involves:

- Emptying and rinsing the water chamber and wiping down the mask every day.

- Cleaning the tubes at least once a week.

- Rinsing the filters and wiping down the machine at least once a month.

  1. Use a deep cleaner

There are cleaning products that have been specifically created for use with CPAP machines. These are good if you don’t mind good old manual cleaning. 

In addition, you can also find special machines that automatically get your CPAP equipment sanitized. These machines can be classified into two types, depending on the technology they use: activated oxygen and UV light.

Best CPAP cleaners in 2022 

  1. Best manual cleaner: Republic of Sleep Premium Bundle

If you are looking for a budget but effective option, this cleaning bundle is worth considering. The kit consists of a 16-ounce hospital-grade concentrated cleaning solution, as well as mask wipes, a tube brush, and micron-sized bacteria filter (which you may or may not need, ask your sleep specialist for details). 

Even with regular cleaning, this bundle will last a few months, which makes it a cost-effective option.

  1. Best activated oxygen cleaner: Clyn CPAP

Here’s an easy-to-use cleaner that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and mold in CPAP equipment. The Clyn does the job in 30 minutes and uses the last 10 minutes of the cycle to blow fresh air through the machine, so it’s completely clean and dry before use. We like that it’s compatible with both CPAP and BIPAP machines without requiring any extra connectors or adapters.

  1. Best UV-based cleaner: LiViliti Paptizer

This device uses UV-C technology, which is used in medical settings and labs to kill germs in surfaces, the air, and in liquids. 

With this cleaner, you can choose between 3 sanitizing options, depending on whether you want to use the equipment immediately after, keep it stored, or clean it and dry it. We like the drying option as well as the Fast Sanitizing cycle, which gets your device clean and ready to use in just 3 minutes. 

  1. Best portable CPAP cleaner: Sleep8

In previous articles, we have discussed the pros and cons of travel CPAP machines. If you own one of these devices because of their portability, you’ll want to consider the Sleep8.

This compact, cordless, and highly portable CPAP cleaner uses activated oxygen to kill 99.9% of harmful microorganisms. You can use it to clean your CPAP’s water chamber and tubes in approximately 1 hour. We like the USB charging port and the fact that it can also handle heated and electric tubes. 

The correct use of CPAP cleaners can help protect your health and ensure that you get the most from CPAP therapy. For personalized advice, we recommend you speak to your sleep specialist. 




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