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5 Best Solutions to Stop Snoring With CPAP

Do you snore at night? This is one of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea, a condition that is often treated with Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) therapy.

However, although these devices help stabilize breathing while you are asleep, they don’t always stop the snoring. Since chronic snoring is more than just an annoyance, you will want to know what can be done to stop it when using a CPAP device. 

In this article we offer some useful tips, but first, we need to understand why do we snore.

Why do we snore?

Essentially, snoring is the vibration that takes place when air moves through relaxed tissues in the throat. 

There are various situations that cause throat tissues to relax. One is alcohol consumption, or the use of sedatives. Allergies or sinus problems can block the nasal passage and cause snoring.

Also, poor muscle tone in the tongue and throat are known causes of snoring. This makes it easier for those muscles to collapse, which in turn can make the symptoms of sleep apnea worse, even with a CPAP device. 

So what can be done about it? Below is a list of tips that can help.

  1. Change Sleeping Positions

Your sleeping position can have quite an impact on the breathing process. When sleeping on your back, tissue and muscles in your mouth and throat are more likely to collapse due to the effect of gravity. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, people are less likely to snore when they sleep on their side. The Foundation also recommends this position to sleep apnea sufferers, especially for those who prefer or are willing to try a nasal mask instead of a full-face mask.

  1. Check Your CPAP Air Pressure

CPAP machines come with different pressure settings, and which one you’ll use is determined by the severity of your symptoms. According to some studies, if the machine’s pressure is too low, you may be up to 5 times more likely to snore. 

If it’s been a while since you started using this device and you continue to have this problem, speak to your technician or to the doctor who prescribed Continuous Positive Air Pressure therapy. They should be able to adjust the device’s pressure, or recommend a self-adjusting machine.

  1. Treat Nasal Congestion or Obstruction

Blocked nasal passages force people to breathe through their mouths and snore. This blockage may happen due to allergies, having a cold, or a sinus infection. Obstruction and congestion can also happen in people who have a deviated septum or other anatomical issues in the sinus area.

Congestion and obstruction can be eased with the use of internal and external nasal strips. You could also try MADs or tongue stabilizing devices, which are a type of mouth guard design to help people who snore by keeping your jaw and tongue in the right position.

  1. Make Sure Your CPAP Mask is Clean

With daily use, dead skin cells, body oils and moisture can collect on your CPAP mask, especially if you use a machine that has a humidifier. 

Breathing through a dirty mask can put you at risk of developing respiratory illness, such as sinus infections, as well as cause an allergic reaction. As we’ve already said earlier in this article, allergies and sinus infections are some of the reasons why people snore.

Our suggestion is to wash the mask and tubes weekly, and wait until they’re completely dry before using them. You can also use the equipment with a filter to keep out dust and bacteria.

  1. Lose Weight

Being overweight can sometimes lead to having enlarged throat tissue, which makes it hard for air to pass through the airways.

On the other hand, researchers have found that weight loss can reduce the intensity of snoring, and in some cases it can even eliminate it. Before going on a diet, it’s always wise to speak to your doctor and mention that you suffer from sleep apnea, so they can recommend a healthy and effective weight loss program. 

With some lifestyle changes, CPAP therapy can help you get a good rest at night and reduce the risk of suffering health complications associated with sleep apnea.









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