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What is the Typical Lifespan of a CPAP Machine?

Anyone with sleep apnea is likely already aware of the benefits provided by a continuous positive airway pressure (C...

How Do CPAP Humidifiers Work?

CPAP therapy is the leading treatment for moderate to severe sleep apnea. By delivering pressurized air through the night, the therapy can help you return to nights of undisturbed sleep.

Best CPAP Cleaners In 2022

Continuous Positive Air Pressure therapy (CPAP) is considered the gold standard when treating sleep apnea cases, espe...

Heated Versus Non-Heated Tubing For Your CPAP

Are you satisfied with the results of your CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine? Not only has this tech...

The Difference Between CPAP and Oxygen Therapy

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a disorder where the upper airways collapse as you sleep. This causes pauses in brea...

AirSense 10 Card to Cloud Review

The Resmed AirSense 10 family of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)  devices are some of the most popular mac...

How to Find Compatible Air Filters for Your CPAP Machine

The filter is a crucial component of a CPAP machine for treating sleep apnea. Air filters help purify the air taken i...

5 Best Solutions to Stop Snoring With CPAP

Do you snore at night? This is one of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea, a condition that is often treated with Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) therapy.

Tips and Tricks to Pick Battery Backup for Your CPAP Machine

Consistent use is one of the keys to getting the most out of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. When prescribing this treatment, your sleep specialist will explain why it’s important to avoid skipping therapy, even if it’s for one night.

Sleep Apnea Therapy Device: CPAP Machine AirSense 11 Review

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy is the gold standard when treating people who suffer from sleep apnea. To get optimal results and have a good nightly rest, you want to make sure your CPAP machine is right for you. 

10 Tips to Sleep Easier With A CPAP Machine

Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) machines are commonly used to ease the symptoms of sleep apnea and help people with this condition rest better at night. 

STOP allergies messing with your sleep!

Spring has officially sprung, and while that means warmer weather and longer days it can also mean sneezing and itchy eyes. Many can just take a Claritin and call it a day. This is not always the case for people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), where breathing at night is already a struggle.
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