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Mini Edge PAPillow

Mini Edge PAPillow

From Apex, Inc.

$ 49.00

This is the smaller version of the PAPillow (Dimensions 14″ x 10″ x 3.5″); perfect for travel and camping. It also works well for children due to it's smaller size and thinner profile. Like the Double Edge PAPillow, the Mini Edge aides in the prevention of mask leaks and sore spots. This pillow was designed to help side sleepers wear a mask comfortably without leakage by positioning the head so that the mask extends over the edge of the pillow, rather than pressing into it.

The PAPillow was designed by CPAP users, for CPAP users to help:

  • Prevent mask leaks and sore spots
  • Improve comfort and CPAP compliance
  • Achieve a good night’s sleep
Here are the highlights:

  • Sturdy construction, high quality interlock knit
  • Neck and head support
  • Left or right side sleeping design
  • Comfortable, hypoallergenic synthetic down fill
  • Quilted side panel to prevent edge collapse
  • Machine washable, cool dryer safe
  • Fitted pillow case